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Electrolysis & Diathermy
Sunshine Coast - Caloundra


Electrolysis & Diathermy

Price List

Purchase a 10-pack and save!  

Permanent Hair Removal

The only solution to permanently remove Grey, Blonde, White & Red Hair on any skin type that IPL & Laser can’t. Electrolysis treats all hair colours by cauterising the feeder vessels & follicle growth centre. 

15 Min Session 

30 Min Session

45 Min Session
60 Min Session

LED Light after Electrolysis  







Mole & Skin Tag Removal


Diathermy: 10 Min Session

Instantly visible results for the precise removal of minor skin irregularities. 

*Skin tags  *Thread Veins  *Moles  *Warts  *Milia  *Cholesterol Deposits  *Cherry Angiomas 

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