Laser Tattoo Removal  

Sunshine Coast - Caloundra

Woman in need of tattoo removal in Caloundra

At the Electrolysis & Laser Clinic Laser tattoo removal is performed using our medical grade ND:YAG Q-Switch Laser which utilises several different wavelengths to remove any size, shape or colour tattoo ink from underneath the skins surface.



How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The energy of our ND:YAG Q-Switch Laser penetrates through the skin causing the ink particles of the tattoo to shatter which is then absorbed and disposed of by the bodys' own immune system.



How many treatments are required?

An average of 3-8 treatments is required for complete tattoo removal. Fewer treatments are needed for lightening & modification of a tattoo. Each treatment is performed four to six weeks apart, allowing enough time for the body to remove and dispose of as much tattoo ink as possible.

Minimum Charge


Business Card size


¼ A4 size


½ A4 size


A4 size